• Andrei Huseu
    Andrei Huseu
    Andrei has 11 years of experience as a CEO to financial companies.
    Since 2006 he has been a top manager to a range of investment and management companies in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Some examples are: "ARSANA", "SMART Securities", "Mera Capital", etc. Being a listing agent to Moscow Exchange Andrei has led to success 5 IPOs of small and medium capitalization.
    Education: Belorus State University
    Lisences: ФСФР №1.0 and №5.0
    Author of several scientific researches in the field of financial statistics.
  • Olga Pershina
    Olga Pershina
    More than 10 years of professional experience in stock markets and investment banking. Deep knowledge of capital market and asset management, hands-on trader and portfolio manager.
    Extensive experience in building end-to-end business processes for various companies and projects. Specialist in the field of internal control and risk management.
    Adviser in ICO, IPO, M&A, Private equity deals. Has done business with companies that operate in sectors such as finance, energetics and IT.Some examples are "MNTO INSET", "KIT Finance", "SMART Securities", "Mera Capital", etc.
    Graduated from "Baltic State University Voenmech".
  • Maya Epstein
    Maya Epstein
    Development team Lead
    More than 16 years of work experience. 10 years in consulting and research in GIS company. More than 50 projects accomplished. Part of them are reports, others are IT products or combined projects. Most significant IT projects are Geointellect, Sberbank, Dixy, Gazprom GMT. Maya has great experience in IT systems implementation: CRM, project management, systems for analytics for retail and development economic forecasts; R&D development and management;
    setting of good balanced organization systems, creating of new products to be tested and sold for a market; goal setting, key indicators and KPI development, setting of accounting management indicators to be monitored
    Education: St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Saint Petersburg
    Economics and Management, international management, PhD.
  • Dmitriy Tyagunov
    Dmitriy Tyagunov
    Development team Manager

    Skilled manager with the vast knowledge of ITIL, PMBoK; extensive experience in design, team management, calculation, analysis and presentation of IT decisions.

    More than 18 years of working experience. Among them such companies as 585, Transas \ Navis, Delovii Linii, West Call. Development of conceptual design of automated space-rocket industry management system for RosCosmos. Development and implementation of the governmental automated system “Transport model of Saint-Petersburg. Development and implementation of automated management system of governmental program “Increase of road traffic safety in 2013-2020 year”. The creation of engineering center for a construction company.

    Competent in Business processes, Project management, Analysis, IT projects implementation, ERP, and CRM.


         General architectural solutions development, feasibility study design;

         Development: SLA, KPI, service-resource models, service catalogues;

         Organization of requirements’ collection, tests;

         Trainings organization;

         Organization of pilot operation, launch of production and strengthened support;

         Organization of informational system installation;

         Creation of project documents.


         Saint-Petersburg Military Academy of Telecommunications


         Finance for non-financial managers (IMISP)

         ISO 9001:2000, «Foundation training course», Veritas

         Primavera 6, PMSOFT

         ITIL, Incom 
  • Denis Kus
    Denis Kus
    Software engineer Manager
    Over 7 years of experience in the software and technology industry. Leadership and management experience.
    5 years in the development of highly loaded services and systems (С++,Python,Toolkit, MapReduce )
    Experience in the development of web services and rest systems (JS, Java, ReactJS).
    Managed the development of systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, GIS systems, simulator systems.
    Experience in the development of road map projects (JSC Sistema), marketing strategies and product promotion (Transas, Azimut)
  • Anton Borzenko
    Anton Borzenko
    Blockchain architecture Developer
    Anton is a fullstack programmer. He had experience in crypto-projects by writing ICO-Contracts for Immla and Remechain & Smart contracts for payment system Findinamika and making Implementation of the crypto-platform for Zodiaq Bank.
    Anton has participated and won in various programming Olympiads, and won top prizes in Hakathons. He is a member of the Technical committee of the blockchain Hackathon Cryptohack 2017.
    Education: ITMO University
  • Leo Vasiliev
    Leo Vasiliev
    Front-end Developer
    Leo has a great experience in front-end development. His key skills are C/C++ JavaScript Python Swift CSS  HTML jQuery AjaxSQL  NoSQL JSON API Git HTML5  CSS 3Node.js React jsEmber js Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Sketch Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Maya Blender 3D ZBrush OpenGL DirectX.

    He has a Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from  St.Petersburg Polytechnic University.
  • Eugene Matyushkin
    Eugene Matyushkin
    Legal team Lead
    Eugene has experience in corporate and financial law of more than 3 years. Passed internships in the Ministry of Justice and the Maltov and Partners Law Firm.
    He has extensive experience in representation of the interests of legal entities in the Arbitration Courts and state bodies, participating and organizing of scientific and practical conferences, legal educational projects and advanced training courses.
    Sphere of interests: corporate procedures, legal support of business, M&A.
    Law Institute of Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, RU.
  • Ivan Timshin
    Ivan Timshin
    Senior Lawyer
    Does all specter of legal support from tax compliance for IP-based businesses to International corporate structuring for business.
    Ivan also provides legal consulting for start-ups and businesses. His education includes Minsk Institute of Parliamentary and Entrepreneurship, and Belarussian State University.
    Holds diploma in International private law, business administration, and economics. Has worked with leading companies in legal industry.
    As a managing partner at Erudite Group has worked with numerous investors, clients, intermediaries, etc.
  • Nikita Tepikin
    Nikita Tepikin
    Lawyer for intellectual property
    Nikita has all-around education in legal translation and law he acquired at Saint-Petersburg State University of Humanities later entering Chicago Kent College of Law of Illinois Institute of Technology.
    Starting out as an in-house attorney, Nikita has grown into a lawyer at Albrecht&Vitte in his eight-year career path.
    Since 2014 Nikita is an attorney in New York state and belongs to the American Bar Association (ABA).Is a certified interpreter between English and Russian languages.
    He specializes in regulations of emerging markets and has strong skills in international IP protection and blockchain/ICO regulations, e- commerce legal regulation, relations with local and foreign clients, legal translation, corporate and legal documents drafting and revision, and labor relations.
  • Irina Voronina
    Irina Voronina
    Project Manager
    Irina started her career path as a junior specialist in Loans Dept. at the second biggest bank of Russia. Nearly a year after she changed her position to a senior specialist of Corporate Finance Dept. in a consultancy company. During more than 4,5 years of outstanding work Irina quickly grew into a Project Manager with 10 employees under her constant management. The most interesting projects were connected with some major players in the various industries (Nokian Tyres, Pirelli, Solopharm, Knauf, Atria PLC, Mir Upakovki, Russian shipyards, etc.).
    In her work Irina focuses on the building relationship within the team and delivering objectives in a timely manner and beyond. Being in charge of Wealthman Irina is also responsible for development of the Token Economy.
    Irina has a Degree in Financial management from Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics. She has passed several courses on personal and professional development. Currently in her CFA degree studies.
  • Elena Ruzova
    Elena Ruzova
    Junior project Manager
    Elena has more than 3,5 years of experience in the banking sector. She started her career as a 1st category economist in the Department of Lending and Deposit operations in Central bank of Russian Federation.Two years later she changed her position to a senior specialist of Department of Trade Operations and Treasury and was replacing Head of Liquidity of the Department in a commercial bank.
    As head of liquidity, Elena had 3 to 5 employees under her constant management. For these years Elena was supervising the crediting and depositing work of regional outlets of Central bank and offices of commercial bank.
    She closely cooperated with different departments within these institutions which made the work of Elena and her staff much quicker and more efficient.
    Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics. She also passed a few courses on professional development.


  • David Drake
    David Drake
    Wealth management & Investment Advisor
    David Drake is the Chairman of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office based in New York, with investments and assets being managed in the areas of real estate, energy, tech, media, telecoms, among others.
    He represented the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome in 2012 and was invited to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C. and was a speaker at the UK Parliament in 2013. He speaks as an equity expert all over the world and in top universities like Cambridge, NYU, Cornell, Columbia, and writes regularly for major publications such as WSJ, Forbes, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, VentureBeat. He is the co-author of the book Planet Entrepreneur and Crowdfunding and Other Animals and is the author of the upcoming book The Crowdfunding Economy and LIFEE: Life Instructions for Entrepreneurs and Executives.
    Previously, Mr. Drake has acted as general partner in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds, seed funds and hedge funds. Mr. Drake’s holdings have media partnership with the European Business Angel Network, European Venture Philanthropy Association and Angel Capital Association of North America. He sits on 4 angel networks and has co-founded two angel networks.
    Born in Sweden and fluent in six languages, Mr. Drake has an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University, where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit.
  • Kirill Razgulyaev
    Kirill Razgulyaev
    Blockchain and cryptography Advisor
    Fifteen years in strategic consulting, management software development, IT strategies, technology foresight for corporations and universities.
    Center for science and technology foresight at ITMO University, Managing partner.
    Cofounder in Quantum Communication Ltd., Managing partner.
    Member of the Board of Directors of management company HEOTEX Ltd., Managing partner.
    Member of the Board of Directors Institute of Regional Innovation Systems (IRIS).
    Main fields of activities: developing business/IT strategies, cybersecurity, quantum blockchain, risk in software project management, foresights.
    Degree: Master in Physics, Computer modeling of thermophysical.
  • Dmitriy Khan
    Dmitriy Khan
    Technical architecture Advisor
    Ten years in strategic consulting, product development, foresight research for government, corporations, universities.
    Areas of activities: telecom, cybersecurity, quantum technologies, finance, international trade, foresights.
    Cofounder of Neotech – the technology transfer company (2014).
    Partner of the Institute of Regional Innovation System – research and consulting company (2008).
    Cofounder, Deputy Director of the Center for science and technology foresight in ITMO University (2011).
    Chairman of examination board of Faculty of Economics of St.Petersburg State University (since 2016)
    Head of working group “Security in data transmitting, storage and computing” of Safenet of National Technology Initiative (since 2015)
  • Paulius Stankevicius
    Paulius Stankevicius
    Global PR Advisor
    Stankevicius is a business consultancy firm providing global business insights and news. Stankevicius is a PR influencer and expert in digitization providing a wide range of digital services to diversified client base. Stankevicius has consulted Fortune 500 companies as well as international SMEs.
    Stankevicius also provides corporate consulting including but not limited to import and export of precious commodities. Stankevicius has consulted Chinese, Hong Kong, Dubai, European and US investors. Stankevicius focuses on foreign investors' capital protection when it comes to foreign FOB & CIF trade deals of precious metals & minerals.
  • Anand Vemula
    Anand Vemula
    IT&Blockchain Advisor
    He is a professional with more than 18.5 years of Technical Expertise and Engineering. Skilled in identifying technical-, business-, and financial requirements needed to develop ample IT solutions to meet customers' business objectives.
    Anand has experience in ICO projects.
  • Roman Lvov
    Roman Lvov
    Expert-Mentor, Real estate-based assets Advisor
    Roman has Finance background and over 15 years of experience in both commercial and residential real estate development, project management and advisory capacity in the acquisition, financing and execution of major real estate projects.
    Having worked with major Private Equity funds and Family Offices on a number of major real estate acquisitions, Mr. Lvov has gained a solid multi-disciplined approach to the structuring and execution of cross border development and financing strategies between Russian and multi-national funds, inward investors, financial institutions and professional service providers.
    Mr. Lvov serves as Adjunct Professor of Economics at IE Business School (Spain) teaching Managerial Economics and Economic Environment and Country Analysis for the MBA student. He gained his Executive MBA degree at the same school. Roman also holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from The St. Petersburg State Finance and Economics University. He is an active blockchain evangelist working on a number of ICOs around the globe.
  • Nikita Harchev
    Nikita Harchev
    Strategy Advisor
    Over 10 years of experience in real estate and construction business. Nikita possesses consistent knowledge on construction processes and is savvy in state authority relations; in his continuous endeavors Nikita mastered safety management and cost control to perfection and became a seasoned specialist in license optimization and document design.
    Has extensive and comprehensive experience in cooperation with such companies as Transneft, Rosneft, TANECO and state structures.
    By building solid and lengthy relationships with his partners and clients Nikita earned excellent reputation in his field in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Is a graduate of "Moscow auto-road Institute"

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