Wealthman Platform:

What is the future of WealthMan?

WealthMan is a state-of-the-art wealth management platform with fast and secure transaction algorithms. Decentralized autonomous robo-advisors based on smart contracts will dislodge centralized robo-advisors and human-conducted wealth management service. Global asset registers will become digital, accounts decentralized. Thus, decentralized robo-advisors will soon dominate the market of wealth management services.

What is the WealthMan DAO?

It is a smart contract, in which all functions run on top of Ethereum.
WealthMan DAO is used to:
- manage of platform settings (remuneration, the level of the data provider's pledge, etc.);
- maintain list of accepted series of data;
- mint AWM tokens during token generation event;
- burn AWM tokens;
- store funds and tokens and transmits them based on the code (e.g. lock AWM tokens of Data Provider).

What is the WealthMan?

WealthMan is a decentralized platform for development and execution of autonomous Wealth Management robo-advisors. In creating the platform, we are placing particular emphasis on situations where there is no trust of investor in wealth manager’s competency and honesty, infrastructure security, and where low costs and speed of high-tech wealth management service deployment are important.  So, Wealthman is a platform that does this by building a decentralized application on top of blockchain protocol that capable to execute algorithms written on Wealthman’s proprietary built-in high-level programming language. The application allows any user to start a secure advisory service or easily develop a decentralized robot-advisor. Such services can be configured with arbitrary rules for calculating the structure of the investment portfolio on the basis of a constantly updated and insured data set, transaction execution rules and remuneration terms.


What are the advantages of a Robo-advisor?

Robo-advisor is a low-cost alternative to conventional advisors. By eliminating human labor, online solutions can offer the same services at a lower cost. Most robo-advisors charge an annual fee of 0.2% to 0.5% of the client's net assets value (NAV). Robo-advisors are also more accessible, being available 24/7 as long as the user has an Internet connection. Moreover, they have such advantages as: access to a human advisor, tax optimization, and portfolio rebalancing.

What is a Robo-advisor?

A robo-advisor is a digital instrument, which provides an automated, algorithm-driven wealth management service with little to no human supervision. Typically, robo-advisor collects information about client’s goals and financials via online survey. Then, robo-advisor  analyzes the market data and automatically manages the client's assets in accordance to client’s investment goals.

AWM token:

How I can buy AWM token?

AWM tokens is available for purchase during the Crowdfunding period and can be sold/purchased on exchanges that support ERC20 tokens (such as Poloniex).

What is a AWM token?

WealthMan tokens (AWM) represents the right to participate in a profit of platform. Full platform's profit goes to Buying back tokens and then burning them, and to the Instant liquidity fund for token holders. WealthMan Platform uses the ERC20 Token Standard.

AWM token generation and funds use:

Will some part of AWM tokens be burnt out or blocked?

The impact of the Wealthman platform participants on each component of the value of the token to increase its market price, that’s why:
- WealthMan DAO monthly burn 61,6858% AWM tokens remained as a profit from operations;
- Payment for Wealthman services assumes a time of storage of tokens in Wealthman DAO of about 15 days,
- Tokens of the data provider, which are the collateral of uninterrupted delivery and correctness of data, are frozen by the contract for a period of 60 days + the entire period of the service.
- tokens and transmits them based on the code (e.g. lock AWM tokens of Data Provider).

How does WealthMan distribute its tokens? Will some part be burnt out or blocked?

The distribution of AWM tokens is:
- 65% of all AWM tokens are sold to the Investors during the ICO.
- 34% are distributed on option program to WealthMan team.
- 1% is distributed to Bounty participants, marketing, advisers.
Half of all team tokens are frozen for 5 months from the ICO end date.

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